31 October, 2013

Episode Spooky (4): Halloween

I was out of town all day while recording went on, and how do the rest of the crew repay me? By not mentioning me once. Yeah, I listened to the whole thing hoping they would at least vaguely reference my corporeal self not existing in the confines of Jacobs house... But Reid seemed like a good replacement for me!

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Allen: NOTHING!!
Gage/Andrew: Poltergeist
Alex: Trick R Treat
Jacob: V/H/S/2
Reid: Grindhouse

29 October, 2013

Episode 3: Kroner INSIDIOUSLY missing

First of two posts this week! On this episode, Alex is gone for this episode, so the rest of the crew decides to go on without him.

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Allen: Insidious 2
Gage/Andrew: 28 Days Later
Jacob: Hell Baby

26 October, 2013

Episode 2: Shark Week

Let's keep this up with a second post this week! On this episode, Allen and Gage both try as hard as they can to talk good things about their garbage SyFy movies, while Jacob bullies Allen with his choice in shark movies. Alex completely fails, and politicking occurs to a frustrating degree.

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Allen: Dinoshark
Gage: Sharktopus
Jacob: Deep Blue Sea
Alex: Two-Headed Shark Attack

22 October, 2013

Episode 1: Baby Alzheimer's

Welcome to The DuperFriends!, a weekly gathering of four friends who get together and decide which movie is the best movie... of the week.

In the inaugural episode, Jacob brings "The Way, Way Back", Allen brings "Kick Ass 2", Alex brings "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and Gage/Andrew brings "The Sandlot". Who will come out on top? Take a listen, and then share this episode if you enjoyed it!

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