11 December, 2013

End of the Year Plans

The end of the year is upcoming, and I'm here to tell you all what is happening behind the scenes.

  • Standard Episodes
  • Special Episodes
  • New Location

Standard Episodes

There will be at least one more episode like you all have come to know and love coming out before January 1st. There may be two new episodes, but that may fall through since the crew is incredibly busy outside of the podcast.

Special Episodes

Jacob and I are discussing every day the logistics and structure of an "End of the Year Awards" special series of episodes. We're almost done with getting schedules of other crew together to record these set of episodes. More details will follow.

New Location

Jacob has been tooling around with a considerably better looking website, and all I have to do is put the links to the episodes on their corresponding posts on the other site. As it is still under construction, we don't want to flip the switch until all of the posts migrate with no issue. I can say without a doubt that we want our new site to launch alongside our first episode of the movies of the New Year. More details are to follow.

That is all of the news that has come to mind at this point, and as always, you can follow us on Twitter @DuperFriends. You will also find all of our Twitter profiles as being followed by the show's account. Also! Our Facebook page is being updated alongside this blog and, in the future, our new website. Feel free to share the show if you like it to your friends- on Facebook, Twitter, or by word of mouth. -----> Facebook Page

Thank you all, and until the next episode, I'm off to watch some pretty garbage movies to keep me cynical! 

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