11 January, 2014

Duper Bracket 2013: Final Round

What a great year 2013 was for movies. Putting together this year's bracket was hard work, but we feel comfortable with the four movies that made it to the end. We're very excited for what 2014 holds not just in film, but for us as well. Next week we'll be launching a new website (we're moving on from BlogSpot) and there will be a new episode to start the year off right. Before all of that though, here are the final four movies left in the Duper Bracket:

6 The Place Beyond the Pines

9 About Time

4 Nebraska

5 Rush

And here's how they finished:

In 4th place: Rush
Rush is a movie that's beloved by the Duper Friends and we regard it as one of the best sports movies of all time. As expected, Ron Howard did a great job directing, and the overall tone of the movie was superb. Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth each turned in great performances, and the two could very well be the best co-leads of 2013.

In 3rd Place: About Time
We were shocked and completely caught off guard by About Time. Seemingly yet another romantic comedy about time travel with Rachel McAdams, this movie is about a young man's relationships with his Father, Sister, and love of his life. Everyone we know who has seen this was emotionally affected by it. Can Bill Nighy be in everything? Please?

In 2nd Place: Nebraska
This black and white dark comedy was pretty close to perfect. It's simplistic feel made both significant and random moments impactful. It continues to build the case that Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Decedents) is one of the best directors working right now. Bruce Dern, Will Forte, and June Squibb all deserve major recognition for award season. The three of them made this movie so engrossing. Add Bob Odenkirk to an already great cast and it's easily one of the best movies of 2013.

The 2013 Duper Bracket Champion: The Place Beyond the Pines
Nobody can really be all that surprised, right? This received glowing reviews and reccomendations across the board amongst the Duper Friends. The unique three act structure was bold enough to grab our attention. A haunting, dare we say chilling performance by Ryan Gosling might have been enough but no, Derek Cianfrance took the movie to another level. The scenery in northern New York, a light yet impactful score, and great direction overall made this a truely special. The normally boring Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes made strong cases for themselves as actors. And can we add Dane DeHaan to the list of actors we want in everything? He has mastered the role as a dark, rebelious loner. We envision good things for the guy. Overall, each act tells an emotionally jarring story and even though some things don't wrap up nicely, this was a no-brainer when we got to our final four. Deservedly, The Place Beyond the Pines is our Best Movie of All-Time (for 2013) and Duper Bracket Champion.

Thanks for checking out the results, be sure to let us know YOUR top four movies of 2013 (@DuperFriends) and continue to use our Fandango link. The support so far has been great, and it really does help us out with no extra cost to you. Until next time, loyal listeners!

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